Pat Robertson loves Tim Tebow, hates Saturday Night Live (Found at Right Wing Watch; For a related post, click here

The only people making a big deal out of Tebow are the Christians that think everyone is picking on him. SNL makes jokes about pop culture. And its a good thing, not a bad thing, that its ok to poke fun at religion without being bombed in the US. No one cares that Tebow does this we just think its funny that he does. We think its funny that some dude thinks that his God cares more about him playing a sport than say healing terminally ill children. Its a laugh a minute with that kind of arrogance.  But who really cares about it? It hurts no one for him to do this, so why would we care? I would however like these Christians in the media to shut up about it because there is more important stuff to talk about than Tim Tebow. Move on already. No one is oppressing your or your favorite football player.

It saddens me to know that people take Pat Robertson seriously.